anti fog for prescription glasses

What is the best anti fog for prescription glasses?

It is so frustrating to have your eyewear while wearing a face mask or doing some work. Foggy glasses limit your vision until the fog clears and it is not only so annoying, but can also be a safety hazard, especially for the police and other quick responders to different emergency situations.

People who wear prescription eyeglasses may suffer from these trouble situations more than any professional. Fogged eyeglasses are also problematic for those who wear them while working, exercising, or even crying. It mostly occurs when a person goes from one extreme temperature to another and no matter how much a wearer tries to avoid fogging, this pesky issue keeps reappearing.

But anti-fog prescription glasses can make the fog-free vision a reality!

What are anti-fog for glasses?

From anti-fog wipes to anti-fog solutions, and anti-fog sprays there is a long list of available anti fog for glasses to avoid fogging of glasses. But when you need a permanent solution for this problem use of a permanent anti-fog lens coating is the best option available.

Why an anti-fog permanent coating is convenient than other options?

However, all these anti-fogging products for lenses are impressively effective, but wearer always remains worried about the constant re-application of the product. But slight fogging always remains as a continuing issue.

Permanent anti-fog coating for glasses is a once forever kind of solution, especially for people who wear glasses on a daily basis. This coating has long-term results that make it extremely durable with exceptional optimal performance. This permanent is expensive than other temporary anti-fogging solutions, but provide dust free and other environmental elements free solution with maximum glare protection. This coating also provides a scratch-free lens and makes eyeglasses wearing process much easier and comfortable.

Anti-fog prescription lenses:

The anti-fog prescription eyeglasses with a lens having a permanent coating ensure fog-free clear lenses in every situation when fogging can be an issue. By using anti-fogging agents or chemical fogging on a surface is prevented by inhibiting the condensation of water on the surface of a lens.

These anti-fogs for glasses are chemicals developed by NASA and today this anti-fogging technology is more improved and perfected by using chemicals called surfactants. These surfactants minimize the surface tension of water and avoid fogging. This anti-fog permanent coating is applied on both sides of the lens before it is cut. With the help of chemically bonded coating fogging is prevented and it allows you to see in any extreme weather conditions.


RX-ABLE.COM is providing fog-free prescription lenses with a permanent coating to eliminate this problem. These are not standard type CR-39 plastic lenses but made from polycarbonate that provide sharper vision.

These lenses are at least 25% thinner and lighter than the ordinary lenses with added features of:

  • Scratch-resistance
  • Extreme durability
  • Impact –resistance
  • 100% blockage of harmful UV light

RX-ABLE.COM provides lenses only for single vision prescriptions with additional features of polishing the edges, proper fit and adjustment of the frame for alignment. They also provide a micro-fibre cleaning cloth of top-notch quality to keep the lens clean.