Treatments to lengthen eyelashes

Treatments to lengthen eyelashes

Of course, all women want to be beautiful. What are they doing to become beautiful? Of course, they buy new clothes; they change hairstyles, go to the beautician and have eyelashes lengthen. Is it really useful to have longer eyelashes? We can answer yes. This kind of beauty treatment provides some benefits. Discover the advantages of eyelash lengthening treatments to decide whether you really want to have great eyelashes.

What is the treatment for lengthening eyelashes?

Before listing the advantages, we will describe the process of lengthening eyelashes. First, the beautician separates the lower eyelid from the top with a patch specially designed for eyelashes. Then she insulates the lashes one by one with a tweezers to be able to place the extensions. To fix false eyelashes on natural eyelashes the beautician must apply special black glue, also called adhesive. Once dry, this glue becomes transparent. The installation of eyelash extensions can last up to three hours. To calculate the total cost of this beauty treatment, you must also take into account the price of mandatory retouching sessions. It is important to note that it is strongly discouraged to rub your eyes, to take hot baths. Bimatoprost eyelash growth serums are the best option to get lengthy eyelashes. These are risk free and easy to use.

Eyelash extensions – the benefits

Nobody can deny that this treatment offers several advantages: it allows to obtain a beautiful appearance, longer lashes without having to wait for them to grow and it is also practical. When properly attached, the extensions stay in place for several months. Before the pose, the beautician must choose the length, the thickness and the angle of curvature of the extensions, so that they correspond to the face and the eyes of the client, in order to embellish her appearance of a durable way. The editing sessions are essential for the result remains harmonious. The eyelashes always end up falling and if we do not remedy this problem, we finally notice an asymmetry when comparing the two eyes or both eyelids in the same eye.
When applying eyelash extensions, we no longer need to use mascara, which saves us time. It is useless to add mascara on the extensions because they are already black (especially when they are made of mink fur). In addition, when natural eyelashes are covered with mascara they sometimes form packets and we also often notice small balls of mascara that are not very elegant while the synthetic lashes are rather light and always remain well aligned. Eyelash extensions are generally comfortable to wear. False eyelashes are also soft and supple and have a natural color.