Tips to develop intelligence

Tips to develop intelligence

Generally we take care of our health rather physical, appearance, but today the idea is that we begin to also exercise our brain, achieving a better development of our intelligence. Here we present a summary of different tips for the development of intelligence. How to improve memory naturally?


  1. Exercises for the brain.

Learning a new language, playing chess, doing puzzles, brushing your teeth with your other hand or changing the shops where big purchases are made, like going to the supermarket, are some ideas for you to start exercising your brain.


  1. Discover new experiences.

Traveling or knowing new places, as a new experience for our brain, causes the production of dopamine, a hormone that is linked to memory and learning. Travel both nationally and internationally can be in search of new places, beaches, forests, among others. It is also interesting to look for new extra-programmatic activities such as painting, learning to play an instrument, etc. The idea is to leave the classic routine and integrate new activities not known to us.


  1. More vegetables, more dexterity.

A healthy diet according to our age and physical activity is important to create psychophysical energy that will benefit the development of our intelligence.


  1. Omega 3

We can find it in fish oils, since these bring high levels of this nutrient. The omega – 3 can grow new brain cells and also protects us from cell damage, preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s.


  1. Blueberries (blue).

Its flavonoid components generate a greater and better interaction between the cells along with regenerating the brain cells.


  1. Be social.

Share with others, friends, family, etc. Giving and delivering affection helps us to reduce the generation of cortisol, a hormone related to stress that causes us harm when we submit to situations of that type, affecting our brain in some way.


  1. Perform exercise 3 times per week.

When doing physical activity, we favor oxygenation, giving the brain a very stimulating energy benefit.


  1. Sleep and rest enough.

Try to go to bed early every day, when sleeping our brain processes all the knowledge acquired during the day along with relating the information for its correct interpretation. It may be that some problems that arise during the day, have a solution at night when sleeping and rest in a good way.


  1. Meditate.

A person with average intelligence produces waves of 21 cycles per second per day. If we get angry or stressed, the level can go up to 25 or more. The greater the number, the less intellectual activity. This is why people with a greater number of cycles have learning and concentration problems. An optimal level of brain health is 19 cycles per second. As we usually have 21, by placing ourselves in a plane of meditation and relaxation we could go down to level 19. In relation to the above is that while we are semi awake we can come up with great ideas.


  1. Listen to classical music.

Listening to classical music, both for children and adults, helps a higher IQ, improves memory, promotes creativity and delivers more motivation.