skin care

The choice of skin care cosmetics

When choosing cosmetics products for skincare, it is very important to know the type of skin, to identify for yourself what it needs, and how it reacts to certain ingredients in the composition of the product. The most convenient and accurate diagnosis is a professional beautician and computer testing. But not everyone has the desire and opportunity to visit a professional beautician, and someone simply does not trust. Then the only options that most girls and women of our wonderful planet use are the tips and the trial and error method. But still, there are universal rules for compliance which will facilitate the search for a suitable product for skincare.

As in any section of vital things: perfume, clothes, accessories, vitamins, nutrition, and the choice of cosmetics strongly depend on seasonal factors that must be observed for the correctness and effectiveness of the action: in winter you need to not only moisturize, but also protect your skin from frost and wind, so creams for this time of year should have a denser texture, and products for spring and summer with a lighter, which is instantly absorbed. You should always remember that the drier the skin, the richer and fatter the cream should be, and the fatter the skin fatter and more problematic, the cream should be easier. The task of the means you use is to give the skin everything you need that it needs, and most importantly, moisturizing, otherwise, dehydration may occur, the causes of which may be:

  • Extreme weather conditions: frost, dry climate, heat, direct sunlight
  • Diets low in healthy fats (polyunsaturated fatty acids) found in fish, nuts, vegetable oils
  • Bad habits: smoking, alcohol, caffeine
  • Age-related changes – estrogen hormone deficiency after 40 years
  • Improper skincare with creams and masks with a high content of acids that thin the skin.


With the onset of spring and the release of the baking sun, one should not forget about protecting the skin from harmful effects from sunlight. Already from the end of March, it is advisable to start using a day cream with light SPF protection. To avoid dehydration, you should use moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid, algae or aloe extracts – these three components are champions in moisturizing the skin. Also, do not forget that even knowing your skin type, there can be a completely different reaction to some components of the cream. Everything is very individual. To obtain a visible result from the action of any cosmetic product, you need to remember about constant, systemic care – this is the basic rule that few can follow. We are used to using one or another means almost every day and want to see some kind of result! – But it will not be until you learn how to use cosmetics with the so-called courses for which it is designed, without constantly jumping to something new, even if you really want to try something. Together with this, it is very important to remember the correct application of any cosmetic product, especially on the face and eyelids.


The skin should never be stretched when applying makeup products, all movements should be very light to avoid wrinkles. For any facial skin, it is best to use separate day and night creams, it is very important to use the lotion at least only in the evening, 1-2 times a week you need to use scrub /peeling/gamma for exfoliation and various masks, also not more often than 1-2 times in a week. Do not forget about the individual special creams for the eyes, this is very important since the skin of the eyelids is very delicate, sensitive and more prone to age-related changes and adverse environmental influences. These are just some of the basic nuances of care rituals that will help you choose the right remedy, among a variety of alluring jars, tubes, and bottles.