reduce your daily stress

Six tips to reduce your daily stress

Here are six important tips for stress relief easily and effectively.

Have a minute of meditation

The secret to calm you down in less than a minute? The meditation! The establishment of a regular and deep breathing, will allow a better irrigation and oxygenation of your brain as well as a relaxation of your muscles and a mental appeasement.

Sit with your feet on the ground so they give you better stability. Stand upright but without stiffness. Put your hands on your knees.

Inhale slowly through the nose for 5 seconds, then, exhale through the mouth for 8 seconds. And this, for a minute.

When you breathe, let your abdomen swell instead of raising your shoulders, so that your breathing is as relaxing and as natural as possible. Above all, focus on your breathing. You must be fully aware of it, feel the air invade your nose, fill your lungs and then come out through your mouth.


Do something you like

We all have something we like to do. Whether it’s sports, coloring mandalas in stress books or cooking a good meal.

We spend so much time on our devices, connected to social networks and especially to read and admire what others are doing. It’s time to take time for yourself, even if it’s only 15 minutes. Do what makes you happy.


Practice mindfulness

No doubt have you ever heard of mindfulness? An expression that could be defined as “right attention”, to focus one’s attention on the present moment and examine the sensations, emotions, thoughts that cross our mind, without making any value judgment.

Easier said than done is not it? For starters, focus on a few activities that are part of your daily routine such as brushing your teeth or doing the dishes. During these activities, put all your senses in awakening and feel: how does the water run on your hands, what noise does it make, what does your soap look like, is it heavy, light, when you take it in your hands?

If your mind is wandering, do not judge it, be indulgent to yourself and start focusing on your senses again. A few minutes a day are enough, but during these, try as much as possible to focus on the moment.


Avoid stimulants

When you feel under pressure, you can easily find yourself on a cup of coffee, a cigarette or a small glass of alcohol. So many substances known for their exciting effects that it is better to avoid if you want to quickly regain your inner calm.


Talk to someone

As the old English saying goes, “a shared problem is a problem halved ” and like most sayings, it contains a bit of truth. If you are troubled by something, do not skip it. Instead, talk to a friend or family member about your problem.

It even seems that pets are excellent listeners.


Take five minutes breaks

When you are busy with a tiring and trying task, do not hesitate to interrupt it with short breaks. Moving away from your task or even better, taking the air for five minutes, allows your brain to disconnect and, therefore, improve your productivity when you resume your task.