Rejuvenate Female Well-Being With Votiva by Inmode®  

When you have fine lines and wrinkles, they will send the incorrect message; not almost your age, but about how you are feeling.

It’s not a topic that’s often talked about, but it’s something many ladies, and particularly those that have given birth or who are a bit older, quietly deal with. The loosening of vaginal tissues can leave women vulnerable to incontinence and dissatisfied with sexual activity.

This condition may put a strain on the well-being and ego of a woman, but you do not have to fight in silence. In only a few simple steps, a non-invasive procedure called Votiva will firm up those tissues.

When women age, their bodies undergo a wave of different changes, including loss of elastin and collagen to vaginal childbirth-related physical trauma to decreased estrogen.

Millions of women seek care every year, for the painful and often awkward symptoms associated with damaged vaginal muscles.

Symptoms such as lowered sexual pleasure and urinary incontinence issues can affect your body, sexual enjoyment, and physical comfort, as well as saggy skin and vaginal protrusions.


Health benefits of Votiva

Vaginal rejuvenation also referred to as female rejuvenation by Inmode® Votiva, is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment. Votiva’s technology can help modify the appearance of the external vulva, which can loosen or ‘hang’ as the skin ages, using subdermal radiofrequency heating technology.

As people age, the rate of multiplying of skin cells decreases. Many women will find their skin loosened because of the limited or no production of collagen in their body at enough speed. Childbirth, dryness, and natural thinning can also lead to this feeling.

Individuals also attempt to change the appearance of an “aging” vagina, but looseness during intercourse may also affect sensitivity and cause vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence tension. Fortunately, Votiva is a non-invasive procedure that can help battle these problems and is no more painful than an annual pelvic exam.


How Votiva works

This technology works by heating the vaginal wall tissue to achieve optimum temperatures to encourage the development of collagen and reinforce existing structures. Although this technology for the vaginal canal is still fairly new, for almost a decade, organizations have used the same procedure for face and neck treatments.

Votiva will work to tighten the inner muscles as well as the skin around the vulva by using FormaV and FractoraV, the most advanced fractional radio-frequency therapy. This therapy is used by women to enhance not only their feminine well-being but also their life expectancy.

Previously, to perform female rejuvenation, women had to undertake surgery. This will require a lot of preparations and along with all the general complications of the surgery, resulting in a certain amount of downtime after the operation.

Now that technology has been evolved to this procedure, this far less invasive treatment is favored by all women. Over multiple sessions, a doctor may administer a Votiva procedure.

Each session takes up to 45 minutes and causes no pain. For three days after the procedure, patients should refrain from sexual intercourse. Otherwise, the treatment is free of pain and needs no downtime to heal.


Fight wrinkles with Votiva

Votiva is a cutting-edge aesthetic workstation developed to resolve a broad range of concerns about women’s health and wellness. Because the remodeling and resurfacing capabilities can totally turn your skin, we can also use its advanced Morpheus8 ® technology for wrinkle treatments.

As you age, the skin gradually begins to stretch and lose elasticity, making fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable. To reverse these symptoms of aging, the Morpheus8 wand uses radiofrequency and microneedling technology.

These technologies work together to promote blood circulation and induce the formation of collagen and elastin in your skin. Both collagen and elastin are key components of tight, smooth skin. But as you age, both decrease.

Morpheus8 Votiva treatments deliver significant results quicker than most aesthetic treatments, including over-the-counter creams and facials. And you should expect long-lasting and more natural effects because they boost the physical health of your skin.


Votiva is the best choice for women who want:

  • Tightening the vaginal channel
  • Enhance the tone, strength, and stability of vaginal muscles
  • Improve pleasure and arousal during intercourse
  • Reduce Urinary Incontinence Tension
  • Reduce dryness in the vagina
  • Relieve the pain of labial hypertroph


Who is a good candidate?

As this therapy is non-surgical, it is ideal for a wide variety of patients. If you are dealing with vaginal laxity or any of its symptoms–from reduced sexual pleasure to incontinence–this revolutionary radiofrequency treatment might be able to help.

It can be able to treat adult women at every stage. It is also can be designed with a personalized treatment plan for you that may include FormaV technology, FractoraV technology, or a combination of both.

Planning an appointment with a specialist is the smartest way to decide if this is the procedure for you. They will examine your medical records and discuss your issues during your appointment. They’ll collaborate with you to identify whether your needs will be better met by this treatment.


How many Votiva sessions will you need?

A treatment plan will be personalized for you in consultation with your specialists. Most patients have 2-3 sessions, but after only one appointment, most find a difference. The number of treatments depends on your expectations regarding treatment and your personal goals. Whether you want to use a single treatment plan or a mixed approach, it’s up to you.


Downtime with Votiva

The RF current heats the tissue of the vaginal lining and genitals due to the soft, non-ablative nature of the radiofrequency energy, producing a semi, gentle rejuvenation.

Votiva is a painless treatment, no post-operative care is required and patients will instantly return to normal activities, including sexual intercourse, vaginal stimulation, physical activity, and normal social interactions.


The Bottom Line

Dansys is a leading medical aesthetic equipment distributor in the UAE. If you would like to know more about Votiva by Inmode® visit Dansys Group or contact them @ +971 4 4356446. The time has come for a safe and effective treatment that is quick and comfortable.