Physical therapy exercises to get rid of tennis elbow pain

get rid of tennis elbow pain

Ball Squeezing

By sitting on a chair and having a physiotherapy ball in the affected hand, start to squeeze it and hold it for only 3 seconds in your hand, it gives you relaxation and gets rid of the pain. Repeat squeezing 10 times in a day.

Bicep Curls

Spread your legs by sitting in a position that your right elbow on your right thigh and one is on the left thigh, having the 1-2 pound weight. Start bringing the weight towards your chest and repeat it 10-12 times. You can also find more @

Elbow Bend

Standing in a straight position and slowly bend your elbow, move your arms slowly upward to touch your shoulders. Do this for 10-15 seconds in a repeating position, but slowly lower your arms.

Triceps stretch

Pull your arm up and backward in the bending position of your elbow. Gently apply pressure on the injured elbow and let the other hand help it. Repeat it 10 times for 5 seconds only. You will feel better.

Best Braces for Tennis Elbow

Simian Sport

It is made of nylon and neoprene with 35% and 65% consecutively. The nylon in it makes it more comfortable and one size fits all. Also, have a minor quantity of latex in its logo. They also provide a sweat headband with the simian sport.

Mueller Adjustable

You can wear this brace in your daily routine because it is suitable for all purposes. A gel disc along with it provided for your comfort and support. It is extremely light weighted. It also has the factor of antimicrobial treatment which helps to fight bacteria. This is the best way to it in a daily brace while sweating it out in the yard.


How to Care Your Elbow Brace

Wash your brace with your hand gently, because it is the best care for your brace. After washing, let it dry in a flat position. You can also wash your brace in a delicate washing machine. But it can affect the Velcro of the brace.

Home Remedy Treatments for Tennis Elbow

Natural and home remedy is much effective for the treatment of injured elbow. Handmade and homemade products and remedies are easy and less expensive. You can also get information more @

Deep Tissue Massage

Massaging with tissue on the affected area can stimulate blood flow and also relieves the pain, and encourages healing.


Rest is the first and foremost method for the cure of tennis elbow. You should stop your activities for some time. It will help to heal your injured elbow quickly.

Ice Massage

It proves the best therapy for most types of injuries. Massage of Ice in a circular motion on the affected area helps to reduce the pain and stoppage of bleeding instantly. Do not continue this session for more than five minutes because there is nothing between the ice and skin so it also can damage the skin tissues.

Steroid Creams

Apply the cream directly to the affected area. It helps to reduce inflammation.