K-Beauty or Korean Beauty: The Trend of the Moment

K-Beauty or Korean Beauty: The Trend of the Moment

Difficult to escape the phenomenon of Korean beauty! Even if you do not know it, a lot of innovative products like BB face cream or dry touch body oil come from Korea. True beauty addicts, Koreans are at the forefront of cosmetics and care that is both refined and high-tech. We invite you to discover the fascinating and complex world of Korean beauty.

Perfect skin lens

The Koreans are dedicated to the perfect skin and are willing to spend a lot of time and money to display a flawless complexion. You can buy affordable Korean skincare products online.

They spend an average of an hour to an hour and a half, morning and evening, taking care of their skin. They do not hesitate to apply up to twelve products one after the other, according to a complex ritual called layering. All this is for the sole purpose of having a perfect complexion, fresh and rested.

Innovations galore

Strong of this tradition, South Korea has become the number one country of cosmetics in the world. It is there, one says, that the women are the most pretty of the world, that the clinics of plastic surgery are the sharpest and that the care and makeup manufacturers are the most inventive.

Cradle of new trends in cosmetics, the country of Matin-Calme combines advanced technology and ancestral knowledge.

Thanks to these two assets, Korean beauty products quickly conquered the Japanese, the American and even the French, sometimes without their knowledge!

Indeed, in the cosmetics department, most of the major successes of recent years come from Korea. For example:
=> BB cream that heals skin and complexion
=> bloomers
=> cloth-soaked masks
=> cushions of small sponges soaked in foundation

Products that have everything to please

Korean beauty has many arguments to convince Westerners that we are, even if we spend less time in the bathroom than Koreans!

Indeed, Korean beauty products have the following advantages:
=> to be innovative, with new textures and presentations
=> to be highly concentrated and therefore effective
=> to be formulated from natural ingredients derived from the traditional medicine such as ginseng (which activates the microcirculation), bamboo (hydrating) or lotus (antioxidant and lightening)


How to follow the trend?

If you want to take inspiration from these far-off rituals to take better care of your skin, remember the following basic tips:
=> you must never skip the make-up step
=> you have to clean your skin in every morning and evening
=> take the time to massage to strengthen the oval of the face

To put a Korean touch in your beauty rituals, you can also adopt authentic Korean beauty products.