dry winter skin with organic body lotion

Help soothe dry winter skin with organic body lotion

Cozy winter wardrobes, holidays and celebrations, spending time with loved ones, comfy nights by the fireplace, hot soups, and a mug of steaming cocoa, there are tons of positives come with the winter season. But it is not possible to remain contented with what it does to your skin.

Winters can be cold, dry, and dismal to your skin.


Winter skincare is not about chasing a problem to find its solution, but it is about being proactive about skin conditions and maintaining it. Depending on whatever hemisphere you are located, it is really essential to make necessary adjustments to your skincare routine to keep it hydrated and protected against harsh weather conditions. From being active to the use of organic body lotion and a proper winter makeup routine, there is a lot to work on.


The healthy daily routine for skincare in winters:


As the weather changes daily routine also need a healthy change to keep you protected from health and skincare issues. Follow this positive daily routine during the winter season:


  • Do some exercise to stay active and improve blood circulation even when it seems not so conducive. It will help your skin glow.


  • Cleansing is the most crucial part of daily winter routine. No matter what skin type you have, always avoid harsh cleanser in the winters. Instead of a cleanser that strips your skin, deep cleans, and has exfoliating beads use a gentle one to keep in most of your skins natural oils.


  • Winter is the time to have festive calories and nutrition. Use food like nuts, seasonal veggies, and fish (having omega-3) for great skin. Avoid starches or sugar that can lead to wrinkles and eczema.


  • Gently exfoliate your dry skin in winters. Excessive exfoliation can lead to redness, skin stress or damage, and it washes off your skin’s all-natural oils.


  • Stay hydrated to help your digestive and immune systems eliminate toxins. Consume plenty of water regularly to keep skin cells hydrated. About eight glasses or 64 fluid ounces is sufficient consumption of water in winters.


  • To rescue your itchy and scaly skin, organic body lotions like ‘’Kananpa Replenishing Organic Body Lotion’’ is your ideal skincare companion.


Advanced skincare in winters:


Harsh weather, cold temperature, decreased humidity, and the trusty heater is all recipe for dry skin. In addition to the above mentioned basic skincare instructions, you need to follow a few of the advanced skincare tips also. These skincare rituals will aid you to stay brightly glowing with healthy and beautiful skin.


·        Use a humidifier to keep your skin stay hydrated:

Regular moisturizing is an unavoidable part of a perfect skincare routine, but it becomes more critical in the dryer and colder winter season. Moisturizer creates a protective barrier on your skin and locks moisture in the skin for longer. Use a thick, cream-based, bland moisturizer over the entire body at least twice a day.


Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing or shower to avoid itching, cracking, and dryness.

·        Lips protection:

Lips are so sensitive, and dry, chapped lips are the big scourge of wintertime. Use a liberal coating of lip balm with built-in sunscreen to protect your lips from extreme weather. Never use lip balms having alcohol as their ingredient because alcohol is the drying agent. For parched, cracked lips, Vitamin E gel works as an effective healer. It is also good to use cocoa and Shea butter to soothe and moisturize dry, cracked lips.

·        Stay warm but turn down the heat:

To protect your body and skin from harsh weather conditions stay warm but turn down the heat in showers or avoid hot baths. Prolong exposures to hot water can even worsen your skin and make it dry out.

·        Cover up yourself:

Wear appropriate clothing and accessories to stay protected from cold. Exposure to cold, wind, ice, and snow can cause chapping and windburns. Avoid scratchy fabric that could irritate your skin.

·        Apply sunscreen:

UV rays don’t go away in winters, and you need to streamline your daily skincare routine with regular use of sunscreen. Winters promote less direct sun exposure, but that doesn’t mean you can quit SPF protection. Protect your skin with sunscreen regularly, and it is best to use a facial moisturizer containing sunscreen in it. Smartly covering your body and using quality sunscreen is vital for healthy sun exposure.


Must-have skincare products for skin restoration:


The pairing of dry outside air with even more dry indoor air (thanks to indoor heating systems) your skin becomes completely parched. Here in this situation, quality skin restoration products keep your visage hydrated. Few of the best skin restoration products for the winter season are:

1.     Moisturizer with Hyaluronic acid:

Your skin visage has a very fragile moisture barrier that quickly gets damaged, and your face consequently loses its ability to restrain moisture and becomes easily dehydrated. A moisturizer with aloe vera water and hyaluronic acid provides moisturizer that goes really deep into the dry skin.

2.     Organic skincare lotion:

Most skincare products are composed of ingredients with chemicals like stabilizers, preservatives, and synthetic fragrances that are not only harmful to your skin and the environment. Their frequent use may also cause allergies and irritations. Use a lotion with organic ingredients like Shea butter, grape seed oils, and coconut oil.

3.     Use a nourishing all-over balm:

Using an oil-infused, all-over balm that contains nurturing oils and manuka honey is ideal for winters. These ingredients provide soothing moisture for a youthful glow. This all-over balm can be used to keep the neck, chest, hands, and arms protected.

4.     Face Scrub:

Using an organic gentle face scrub on dry winter skin can buff away dead and dull skin cells and allow the moisturizer to work more efficiently. These face scrubs can also be used on your lips.

5.     Use anti-aging CICA cream:

An anti-ageing cream formulated with Centella Asiatica is the best moisturizer cream commonly called CICA cream. It helps repair your skin barrier to resist fine lines and other the visible signs of ageing. It acts as a protective shield for your skin against external factors like dirt and pollution and internal factors like dehydration and stress.


Enjoy winters with happy skin:


Follow this complete skincare regime in winters to stay looking fresh, younger, and beautiful. Use organic body lotions and moisturizers daily to feel the beauty effects kick in. Organic products are not only ideal for your skin, but these are cruelty-free that means you are contributing in for the betterment of Mother Nature.


Keep your skin healthy and enjoy winter!