Anyone can write a code that a computer can understand.  Programmers write code that a human can understand. HCPCS is a renowned coding system that made life easier for Healthcare professionals for coding their procedures. It’s an umbrella that covers different aspects of medical expenses. Whether it’s a list of supplies or services, all procedures and products are enveloped under this system. This system is working extraordinarily for benefit of Healthcare professionals and assisting them regarding private health insurance.

HCPCS is the constituency of two levels which are running separate domains of medical sciences.


This level comprises of medicinal entities and code which are working in accordance to American Medical Association policy and its violation is not permitted. These are AMA copyrighted code which contains descriptions and terminologies of the medicinal procedure, fourth edition (CPT-4), which are understandable to physicians and non-physicians.

CPT-4 codes including both long and short descriptions shall be used following the CMS/AMA agreement. Any other use violates the AMA copyright.


Level II encloses the domain of dental procedures and terminologies copyrighted by the American Dental Association, (CDT-2020). These codes are approved by five alpha-numeric editorial panels including CMS, health insurance Association of America, Blue Cross, and Blue Shield Association. These services are providing mainly items and non-physician Services which are not available in level-I.


Hcpcs codes are enlisted in a variety of departments that are working under the roof of Healthcare.

Transportation Services Including Ambulance, Medical & Surgical Supplies

It’s a series of codes from A0021 – A9999 which comprises Ambulatory, emergency, BLS, and surgical modalities and supplies.

Enteral and Parenteral Therapy

This series is mainly working on the domain of gastroenterology and different products and therapeutics procedures, it’s starting from B4034 to B9999

Temporary for Use with Outpatient Prospective Payment System

This domain primarily covers outpatient services, related arrangements, and billing. Its series is C1713 – C9899

Durable Medical Equipment

All medical inpatient and outpatient supplies including walkers, hospital beds, pumps, etc are coded under this term. Coding series ranging from E0100 to E8002

Procedures / Professional Services (Temporary)

These series extend from G-0008 – G9987, keeping the track of nursing-related services and supplies.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Services / Rehab Services

H0001 – H2037, these codes entail the rehab services.

Drugs Administered Other Than Oral Method, Chemotherapy Drugs

All injectable and oral supplies are enlisted under the series of codes from J0120 – J9999.

Durable Medical Equipment for Medicare Administrative Contractors

K0001 – K1005 is comprising all ambulatory devices.

Orthotic and Prosthetic Procedures, Devices

All stuff related to prosthetics and orthotics constituent under series of L0112 – L9900.

Medical Services

M codes are entitling Medical services From M0075 to M1144

Pathology and Laboratory Services

Lab services are coded from P2028 – P9615

Miscellaneous Services (Temporary)

Q0035 – Q9992 contains services like Infusions and injectables.

Diagnostic Radiology Services

Portable Xray and EKG are coded under R0070 – R0076.

Commercial Payers (Temporary)

S0012 – S9999 for all commercial services.

Established for State Medical Agencies

T1000 – T5999 these codes specify the state services like Counseling, recyclable and others

Vision, Hearing and Speech-Language Pathology Services

This coding ranges from V2020 to V5364.