Enhance your face beauty, a little more….

What’s your opinion about experiencing a feeling of toned and tightened skin????

Of, the course you are going to love it…But what is the best way to do this??

Facial masks are the most favorite skincare product that is not only easy to use but delivers visibly tremendous results after a single-use. Facial masks hydrate your skin, improves the appearance of pores, removes excess oil, and most importantly these are perfect to put out impurities and dust from deep skin cells. But which one is the perfect facial mask for your skin?

Spirulina Facial Mask!!!!

Because it is simply the best.

Why Spirulina Thanaka Facial Mask?

Applying facial masks provide you relaxation, glowing skin, unclogging pores, deep cleansing, and it works more effectively with your overall skincare regimen. And Spirulina Thanaka Facial Mask provides you all these benefits with healthier and younger-looking skin complexion. It gives you magical results literally in no time. Spirulina Thanaka Facial Mask is available in five packs boxes.

Ingredients of Spirulina Thanaka Facial Mask:

This amazing facial product is composed of pure and natural skin-loving ingredients. These ingredients individually and collectively work magically and result in the elevation of your beauty.

  • BENTONITE CLAY: This natural clay forms a fine paste and removes impurities on the skin, treats oily skin and acne, and detoxifies skin.
  • SPIRULINA: It has anti-inflammatory properties that slow down the signs of aging, protect against free radicals, and reduces symptoms of different skin allergies.
  • ALOE VERA GEL: It moisturizes the skin, and provides a soothing effect.
  • THANAKA: Vitamin E present in thanaka protects your skin against free radicals, polluted air, and unstable skin cell-damaging compounds.
  • ZEOLITE: It clears blackheads and prevents pimples, and unclog pores.
  • KAOLIN: Kaolin soothes rashes.
  • FRAGRANCE: The slow fragrances present in Spirulina Thanaka facial mask alleviate stress, trigger allure, and create well-being.

Advantages of Spirulina Thanaka Facial Mask:

These individual benefits of every single ingredient are combined in Spirulina Thanaka Facial mask and provide you beautiful skin with the following advantages:

  • It provides soft, luminous, and even skin tone.
  • Minimize the visibility of wrinkles by defying skin-aging appearance.
  • Removes skin impurities that result in less visible skin pores.
  • Enhance powerful antioxidant activity that nourishes skin appearance.
  • Removes skin build-ups and ensures clean and clear skin.

How to apply Spirulina Thanaka Facial Mask:

For most appropriate results use once or twice in a week according to the given instructions:


Wash your face properly than pat dry.


Make a paste of one bag of Spirulina Thanaka by adding one tablespoon of water in it.


Apply this paste delicately to face, avoid its application on eyes, brows, and mouth.


Let the mask fully dry for around 45 minutes.


Scrub off the mask gently with water.

After removing facial mask softly rinse your face with water and then proceed with further skincare procedures.



After using Spirulina Thanaka, slight redness is normal that vanishes within 45 to 60 minutes.