DHI Hair Transplant Turkey – Pros & Cons

DHI Hair Transplant

Direct hair implantation is a hair replacement procedure that differs from FUE. It is a newer, more modern, and more efficient hair restoration process. Turkey is the most popular and affordable destination for Physicians who may use this hair grafting, especially DHI hair transplant Istanbul has distinct popularity around the world.

Difference between DHI & FUE procedures:

DHI is the two-step procedure to remove grafts from the donor area of the head. These grafts are then implanted in the bald area. At the same time, the FUE is a three-step complicated procedure.

In the FUE method, the follicles are removed and stored in a preservation solution before being implanted in the operative surgeon’s receiver room. However, in DHI, extraction and implantation methods take place simultaneously. The FUE doctor manually implants the graft within the recipient space, but the DHI technique utilizes a sophisticated instrument known as the Choi implanter pen. This implantation is direct just after extraction that removes the need to establish graft slits first.

Pros of DHI hair transplant:

There are the following pros of DHI over FUE:

  • In this method, graft survival is very high, and blood loss is reduced during the receiver region’s formation.
  • Damage can be minimized during the treatment of follicles, resulting in less damage and minimum blood loss.
  • The client can choose from many dense and natural looks, and healing is rapid in this procedure.
  • Usually, hair shaving is unnecessary for this procedure, and during the operation, no incisions or stitches are necessary.
  • Since extraction and implantation are performed at the same time, the plantation portion is shorter.
  • Each follicle to be planted will have its angle and trajectory precisely defined, and there are no noticeable scars or traces, resulting in a symmetrical hairline.

Cons of DHI hair transplant:

The disadvantages or pros of the DHI hair grafting method are:

  • It necessitates extensive preparation and expertise, and hair must be transplanted with severe vigilance.
  • The process often includes the involvement of many individuals, each of whom focuses on a separate point.
  • The DHI technique is more difficult to perform in general, and hair follicles can be more easily destroyed unless the expert is exceptionally vigilant.