The whitening kits home dental work with a mold and bleach. The mold is a kind of splint that adapts to the teeth with the whitening gel inside.

It should be used between one and two weeks every night to get results. It is a cheaper whitening treatment than that to be performed in a dental clinic (laser teeth whitening) but less effective. As an advantage, it should be noted that you can buy it at your usual pharmacy. One of the safe whitening kits is EZGO White Smile.

Information about Dental Whitening Kits?

There are many brands and products to whiten teeth at home. Dental whitening kits are usually purchased at the pharmacy, but there is also a home dental whitening treatment that can be purchased at the dentist.

Among the advantages of the kits we find that their price is much lower than that of the clinic, however, their results are also lower. It is a less effective technique that will lower the color tone of your teeth but not as much as a professional whitening. On the other hand, if you do it at home, you will have to dedicate every night of between one and two weeks to the treatment while in the dental clinic it only takes an hour at the most.

Home whitening kits come with a mold for the teeth that should be placed in the patient’s mouth and that helps reduce the risk of the whitening gel damaging the gums and lips. The result will also be more balanced and homogeneous.

The most important thing about whitening kits is to follow the instructions for use. Even if you think you already know how it works because you’ve read a lot of information on the Internet, you should make sure of the procedure. No kit is the same as another and the way to use it can vary. If you have any questions, you can ask your pharmacist or your dentist about the quality of the product and how to use it.

Who can use the Whitening Kits?

It is not recommended that children under 18 years use this type of products because young teeth can become more sensitive when using bleaching products. The person who performs tooth whitening with a kit must be of legal age and have a healthy mouth. You must go to a dentist before performing the treatment because the color of the teeth is not always given by the food but sometimes is the cause of diseases or appears when taking certain medications. Before starting to whiten your teeth you must find out why they have that color.

The bleaching effect does not affect the fillings, implants or covers. It only works on natural enamel and dentin.

People with sensitive or damaged gums should not bleach their teeth with this treatment. It is also not suitable for people with untreated decay, damaged enamel or exposed gums.

How to use the Dental Whitening Kits?

Usually, home teeth whitening kits come with a mold in which the bleaching agent is placed. This mold will be applied to the denture so that the gel will have an effect on the teeth. Usually, the bleaching gel often carbamide peroxide although occasionally also used hydrogen peroxide. The greater the presence of these compounds, the more powerful the bleach is. They do not usually exceed 35%.

Teeth whitening does not cause pain and therefore does not require anesthesia. Neither will a special recovery be necessary, at the end of the treatment, it can be returned to daily life without any problem. You can buy dental whitening kits on online.