Best mobile app for stroke patients

Best mobile app for stroke patients

Stroke recovery treatments during the COVID pandemic have been nothing but exhausting. We contacted numerous stroke victims in the last 2 years to get information on how are they handling their recovery process. The information we received was really terrifying. The stroke patients couldn’t get to the hospitals or receive proper care. 


But the story does not end there! The study conducted by World Stroke Organization confirmed that “Only 10% of stroke victims achieve maximal results from rehabilitation as it is often delayed or inadequate.” But those numbers are even less during the pandemic.


Today we present you Motus Health. After the Motus Health CEO’s father suffered a severe ischemic stroke in the middle of the pandemic, she was eager to create something that would help her father. That’s where the idea of Motus Health came to life. 


Motus Health is a mobile application designed and developed by a team of medical experts, stroke survivors, and their caregivers. Their medical team has gathered world-renowned experts in the fields of neurology, speech therapy, psychology, and physical therapy.  With one goal, to provide the stroke patients everything they need in one place, and bring the stroke recovery to the home!


The Motus Health app offers solutions in the areas of cognitive, physical, and mental therapy. The one thing we would like to highlight is that they are not only focused on stroke victims but provide the organizational tools for their families. With a goal to improve their relationship quality and include them in every step of the stroke recovery.


Motus Health has also recently launched a web platform called Stroke Survivor stories, where they are working hard on destigmatizing stroke and raising awareness to the whole community. 


They are giving the opportunity for stroke victims and their families to participate in the

development and modification of the Motus Health app.  They invite everyone to join who has had a personal encounter with a stroke or has been a caregiver or relative of a stroke victim.  Application and participation are voluntary and without obligation. Activities are carried out remotely requiring up to 2 hours a month, dependent on the participant’s wishes and abilities.


We could go on and on, about the work they are doing but we would recommend for you check their social media and website.