5 Tips to take care of your hands and nails

Your hands and nails can say a lot about your lifestyle. Every woman, no matter what lifestyle she adopts, should always make sure that her hands are soft, beautiful, with clean, well-groomed nails. With the simple advice (but super effective) that we will provide you, you will achieve easily.


1- Hydrate hands

Hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body. We often ask for them: housework, gardening, computer keyboard, etc.) And this is how they become dry. So to alleviate this situation, always make sure to hydrate after each wash. So try to get a cream and every time you finish washing your hands, you apply it scrupulously. The cream should always be at hand (on the edge of the sink, at the office, etc.).


2- Olive oil and lemon

You must always treat yourself to a bath of lemon and olive oil at least once a week. You prepare a bowl of hot water with a little olive oil and a lemon filet. This will not only make your hands soft, but your nails will be well cleaned and bleached. The oil bath helps nourish the cuticles and ensures pretty hands for sure. Simply soak your hands for 15 minutes simply.


3- To get rid of nails

It is quite possible to have long nails without having to resort to forgeries. For that, you will always have to file your nails. Thus, they can grow in harmony and will not break one after the other. Always use a soft file (file in glass or emery, but never in metal), avoid the movement of back and forth it weakens the nail, file the nail straight and give it a soft shape rounding the angles. You can use cuticle oil for nails.


4- Eat healthy 

A good diet has many more benefits than we suspect. It is an effective way to remedy damaged nails. Introduce in your diet vitamins B (cereals, dried fruits, etc.), shellfish and fish as well. Also be sure to drink plenty of water a day, your hands will become much softer than usual and effortless.


5- Avoid chaining varnishes

By deciding to always chain varnish, it weakens his nails. It is therefore necessary to take a break of a few days, in order to let the nail breathe a little. The basic pose is also very important, it allows to nourish and whiten the nail, and it prevents yellowing.