4mysneakers – Anti Odor Shoe Patches with Activated Carbon Fiber

Why shoes smell

To answer the question why shoes smell, it is very important: to cope with the problem, you need to eliminate the cause of its occurrence. 
Here are the factors that most often cause trouble:

  • Properties of shoes. If shoes, boots, sneakers are made of low-quality materials, then the fact that they will soon start to smell unpleasant is only a matter of time. New low-quality shoes may smell like glue, rubber, artificial leather or plastic.
  • Dampness. Sometimes shoes start to smell only when they get wet. Should you accidentally walk in a puddle or get in the rain, the specific aroma of shoes will soon make itself felt. This is because a humid environment is favorable for the propagation of pathogenic microorganisms, the vital products of which are the source of an unpleasant odor.
  • Sweating and fungal diseases. Almost the whole day, the average office worker is in shoes and it is natural that his feet sweat, especially during the heating season. And although sweat is odorless, the humidity it creates is very comfortable for bacteria and mold. The situation is aggravated if a person has a fungus.

Use of Anti Odor Shoe Patches with Activated Carbon Fiber

✅ STAY FRESH TECHNOLOGY – Our revolutionary combination of activated carbon fiber and Nano pores utilize the Van Der Waals force to rapidly eliminate odor molecules naturally without harsh chemicals or fragrances. The Nano pores can trap even the smallest bacteria and gas molecules effectively.

✅ NO CUTTING REQUIRED – Each pad measures 1.75″ x 2.75″ making it the perfect size to fit into shoes of all sizes, including kid’s shoes and footwear. These eco friendly products are safe for your family and use the science of the Van Der Waals force to eliminate odors without any harmful chemicals.

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✅ BREATHABLE COMFORT FOAM – The pads feature a thin layer of foam, which makes them more comfortable on the soles of your feet compared to other brands. The foam also allows airflow to push smelly odors directly into the pad and release fresh air upwards towards your feet and top of your shoes.

✅ SUPER STRONG ADHESIVE – Most similar products simply won’t stay stuck to your insoles or rip after a few uses. Not ours! We use a stronger adhesive that will stay in place for over 2 months of daily use. Make sure you apply to completely dry insoles to ensure the pads stick properly!

✅ REALLY WORKS! Each pad will trap all sorts of foot odor and bacteria for around 6-8 weeks before the activated carbon Nano pores are saturated and “full” of odor molecules. Join thousands of happy fresh smelling feet…Click Add-to-Cart or Buy Now to order your anti odor pads Today!


The Power of Science!

Are you searching for a highly effective way to eliminate foot odor for good?

Do you want something that is completely safe and non toxic for your family and footwear?

4mysneakers revolutionary new anti foot odor technology pads use space age activated carbon fiber and breathable air cushions to get rid of foot odor and bacteria fast.

Not Just for Your Feet!

Anywhere you want to reduce musty odors are a great place for our anti odor foot pads.

Many customers use them in their gym bags, lockers, closets, cabinets, trash cans, cars and even store them inside sporting equipment like pads, gloves and uniforms.

The Science Behind Our Pads

Our pads utilize the natural phenomenon called the Van Der Waals force. The unique structure of our carbon fiber pads contain microscopic Nano pores.

The breathable foam section of the pad pushes down molecules into the carbon fiber Nano pores where they get physically trapped and can’t escape!

This means the pads start working instantly and studies show a 92% reduction in odor molecules after just 2 hours in your shoes.

For Adults & Kids

Our pads can be easily and effectively used in all sizes of footwear and all types of shoes from sneakers, canvas shoes, leather dress shoes, boots and more! You can check prices on Amazon.com.

No need to cut to size, they fit in any adult or child sized shoe.

Join thousands of happy customers with fresh smelling feet and shoes…Click Add-to-Cart to order your anti odor pads today on Amazon.com.