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The benefits of Physiotherapy in the treatment of infantile cerebral palsy

Physiotherapy Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy can play an important role in the development of a child with CP. Physiotherapy usually starts as soon as the diagnosis is made. There are two main goals in physiotherapy. One of them


It doesn’t matter if transportation is an emergency or a non-emergency medically, the patient who is being transported still needs medical care. Chances are that if a patient needs to be transported, they need special equipment for their needs too.

What are the health benefits of CBD?

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Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD) is another component of cannabis. It is non-psychoactive, which means that it does not cause users to make high calls. Its anti-inflammatory properties have made it an effective component in the treatment of various medical problems. Therefore, there

Tips To Lose Weight Without Exercising

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It might be difficult to stick to a diet and an exercise plan when you are trying to lose weight. If you are tired of spending long hours in the gym and making every effort to prevent weight gain in

Symptoms and Preventions of Parasite Infections

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Living organisms that depend on other organisms (host), to feed, survive and reproduce, are called parasites. Parasites are dependent on the hosts; animal, plant, or human beings, for their existence and growth. As these parasites need their hosts in order

9 Ways to Treat Anxiety Naturally

9 Ways to Treat Anxiety Naturally

If you’re suffering from anxiety and want a more natural way to deal with it instead of having to take chemically concocted drugs, then it would please you to know that there are natural ways to get rid of this

New ways to treat AIDS

New ways to treat AIDS

A bone marrow transplant in a seropositive treated has significantly reduced the reservoir of the HIV virus and achieve prolonged remission without treatment. In an HIV-positive patient treated, an allogeneic stem cell transplant for acute lymphoblastic leukemia dramatically reduces the